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Powder Ca / Zn for Wires / Hoses

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Powder Ca-Zn for Wires / Hoses 
Ca-Zn Types
Product  Form Characteristic and Application Packing
  Powder Stabilizers for flexible electric wires. 20Kg Bag
KCP-900W Provide excellent white color properties and blooming properties.
KCP-950 KCP-900W is economical and suitable for black colored wires, while KCP-950 is suitable
  for white colored and pigmented wires.
  Powder Stabilizers for flexible electric wires and various transparent tubes/hoses. 20Kg Bag
MW-47 Provide excellent transparency.
MW-51P MW-51P provides even higher transparency and dispersibility.
  MW-51P is suitable for both suspension PVC and emulsion PVC.
MW-30 Powder Stabilizers for flexible medical applications. 20Kg Bag
MW-310 MW-30 is for tubing applications by extrusion process, while MW-310 is for injection 
  processes which require higher heat resistance.