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Lubricants and Other Additives

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Lubricants and Other Additives
Product  Form Characteristic and Application Packing Composition
DL-99R Powder Non-toxic lubricant for rigid PVC applications. Provides excellent processibility when used with tin type stabilizers. Approved by JHPA (L-7518). 20Kg Bag Fatty acid ester complex
KAX-6000 Powder Lubricants for rigid PVC applications. Provide improved whiteness and initial color properties when used with Ba-Zn liquid type stabilizers. 20Kg Bag Ba-Zn metal soap and antioxidant complex
KES-61 Powder Lubricant specially formulated for ABS and PS. Attention should be paid for blooming in large amount formulations. 25Kg Bag Amide
AS-915S Liquid Antistatic agent with recommended dosage of 0.5 to 2.0 phr. Comparatively low influence on transparency and heat stability. 200Kg Drum Alkyl phosphate Type
FX-77 Liquid Prevents fast viscosity increase over time. 200Kg Drum Polymeric acidic ester