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Product  Form Characteristic and Application Packing Composition
BX-300 Liquid Special cell adjusters for use with stabilizers for Forming applications. Provide excellent cell stability and cell fineness. Good blooming and bleeding properties.
BX-500 has lower odor compared to BX-300.
200Kg Drum Special organic
BX-500 180Kg Drum polymer complex
E.S.B.O Liquid Stabilizer and plasticizer for PVC. Provides excellent heat stability and weatherability. 200Kg Drum Epoxidised Soybean Oil
LA-04 Liquid Good for heat stabilizing in low temperature(60~100) after processing. Provides excellent initial color and color retention. Suitable for semi-PU processing with color retention properties. 200Kg Drum Special complex
BTZ Powder Powder type Forming retardant for printing layers. Provides good heat stability and distinctive effect as retardant. 10Kg Bag Benzotriazol
DHP-501 Liquid Fortify heat stability and weatherability when used with metal soap stabilizers such as Cd-Ba-Zn types and Ba-Zn types. DHP-150 has lower odor compared to DHP-501. Other types of phosphoric complexes are available as per each specific requirement. 200Kg Drum Organic phosphoric complex
DHP-150* 190Kg Drum*
DPA-800 Liquid Provides excellent color retention ability and improves plate-out. Designed to be used with KAX-5011 for production of tarpaulin with emulsion PVC. 190kg Drum Organic phosphoric complex
XQ-100 Powder Additive for colored deco-sheets and semi-rigid applications. Provides excellent color retention and low temperature aging. 20Kg Bag Ester complex